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The Women We Help

Like many people, you may be wondering why you haven’t gotten closer to where you want be. You’ve been exercising regularly. You’ve tried programs from trainers, Instagram, Google, studios, and friends. You’ve followed nutrition programs, bought books, and tried to up your exercise game. Yet, you’re not seeing results – what’s the problem?

We help women who are trying to do amazing things, such as:

  • Want to get stronger, fitter, and leaner?
  • Want to get better at your sport or recreational activity?
  • Or even just want to feel more relaxed, happy, and healthy?

What you need is excellent coaching, support, and a proven process that has helped transform thousands. If you are ready to take your training to the next level, I can work with you to ensure that all of your hard work is actually gaining traction and bringing you the results you want.

  • Testimonial

    Corrie M.

    Corrie M. - 28, Single working mother & strength enthusiast

    “I’ve been working with Workhorse Strength Coaching through a series of goals, and I am always amazed at the flexibility of this program and how it fits into my hectic life.”

  • Testimonial

    Misty S.

    Misty S. - 31, Teacher & active mom

    "I felt improvements after my first session. Since I started with Workhorse, I've increased my mobility and decreased hip pain. Brian is super knowledgeable and a great motivator!"

  • Katy S. 2

    Katy S. , School teacher & obstacle course race fan-girl

    "I'm no stranger to the gym. But, with these programs, my conditioning for distance and terrain and my overall strength for wall and hang events has been drastically improved!"

  • Testimonial

    Kristen B.

    Kristen B. , Working professional and model

    "After years of going to the gym without results, I found that just a month into strength program coaching with Workhorse, I am seeing fat loss and strength gain like never before!"

Brian Wright Trainer
Brian Wright

MS Exercise Science, CSCS, SFGII, NSCA-CPT
StrongFirst Northern VA course Licensee

Brian Wright

Online Personal Trainer

In my 17 years of experience personal training, I have literally helped over 3600 women find a new self identity in strength. In addition to getting stronger, my clients lose body fat and bring a new level of confidence to the world. I am proud to now offer this successful approach to fitness programming online.

I am included in the 1% of trainers that have an MS in Exercise science. I’m not going to waste your time or mine with gimicks and false quick fixes. I specialize in efficient programming focused on building strength and based on science and years of experience.

Although I will be quick to congratulate you on your successes and provide support when things get difficult, I am not here to be your BFF. Hopefully, you already have plenty of those. What you need is a dedicated personal coach. That means I’m here for accountability, a little tough love, and more

  • Accountability

    To reach your fitness goals you need motivation, encouragement and accountability. Many successful people have accountability coaches, from top executives to elite athletes. We all need reassurance that we are on the right path. You will receive regular encouragement, guidance, and program adjustments from your certified personal trainer. Sometimes a little push in the right direction is far more successful than being forced in a direction that’s not right for you. Your workout log will be reviewed by your trainer to evaluate your progress ensuring the program is always working for you.

  • Consistency, Adjustments and Progressions

    Your certified personal trainer supports and reinforces your consistency, allowing your body to make the incremental changes it needs to in order to reach your fitness goals. We collaborate to stick to the plan. Once consistency is nailed down, the focus should be on progressions. Your masters level trainer will apply scientifically proven strength techniques to developing the proper progressions for you. You will be provided with personalized feedback on adjustments in order to avoid stalling out or moving backwards.

  • Personalized Programs

    Your training program will be designed specifically for YOU, based on your individual profile (including age, exercise history, fitness level, goals, available equipment, schedule availability, medical history, etc.). A library of exercise demos support all training programs, that you can access any where at any time. No need to wonder if you are doing a movement correctly. Videos provide step-by-step instructions and your trainer is available to answer questions and provide feedback on your movement videos.

  • Expert Coaching

    Where exercise is concerned, more is not always better. Effective exercise is better. So, how do exercise more effectively? We learn the best techniques specific to our current goal and fitness levels, from a qualified professional. We will design an effective program for you – whether you workout everyday or a couple of times a week. We will create a schedule and a plan that fits with your busy lifestyle. The personal attention you will receive from your fitness coach will bring your fitness to the next level.


LifeSTRONG Program

  • 4 Week custom strength & conditioning program
  • Exercise demo library access
  • Online workout logs to keep you on target
  • Mobile accountability app.
  • Weekly online check-in

MetREV Program

  • Personalized phone interview
  • 12 week custom strength & conditioning program
  • Exercise demo library access
  • Online workout logs to keep you on target
  • Mobile accountability app.
  • 2X weekly online check-in, bi-monthly progress calls
  • Access to private FB coaching group
  • Meal plan integration
  • Results tracking


  • Hybrid program of small group training and online coaching
  • Online workout logs to keep you on target
  • Sessions focus on skill development, learning form and intensity and the proper progressions for your current levels
  • Access to private FB coaching group
  • Results tracking and coaching adjustments
  • Nutrition program designed to compliment exercise program

Training Specific Programs

  • Personalized phone interview
  • 8 Week Custom Strength & Conditioning Program
  • Exercise demo library access
  • Online workout logs to keep you on target
  • 2X weekly online check-in, bi-monthly progress calls
  • Results tracking
  • video skills assessments


Get the individualized communication and support you need.

You can expect your program to fit into your busy life. No fluff, frill or “for your entertainment” exercises – just the stuff that works.

These programs are not easy.They require work. But that’s nothing new to you! Work is not your problem. You know how to put in effort. These programs are custom designed to be challenging, not harmful. If your body hurts, you wont get results. You will learn how to work-out more efficiently.

We deliver coaching, support, and a process that encourages real change. The personalized programs are do-able and realistic. One step at a time approach. I’m with you all the way.

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